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Ringier Senegal acts as a gateway to francophone West Africa. Serving the growing middle-class and helping to professionalise and structure the overall market environment for professionals of all kinds, the company runs Senegal’s largest classifieds platforms. 



Founded in 2008, Expat-Dakar is Senegal’s largest horizontal classifieds marketplace, offering an effective way for professional and non-professional buyers and sellers to exchange goods and services. As one of the Top 10 most visited websites in the country, Expat-Dakar is the preferred advertising channel for thousands of local businesses.


Founded in 2015 as a vertical spin-off of Expat-Dakar, MaMaison has become the largest real-estate classifieds in the country within a year. It offers private and professional merchants the possibility to sell, buy and rent real estate products through classifieds. The website offers a wide variety of property from offices to flats to plots of land all over Senegal. Showing strong growth, built on Expat-Dakars merchant base as well as the booming real estate sector, MaMaison is the largest platform of its kind in Senegal.


The pan-African love-brand Pulse has entered French-speaking Africa through a number of partnerships. It transcends its platforms through creative and video content tailored to the market.

About Sénégal

Senegal is a major player in the West African economy. Thanks to its geographical location and its political stability, the country attracts many investors from all over the world.
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